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We all need some healing space once in a while-just to explore our relationships, self-reflect, dabble in creativity, and focus on self-development. Horses help us reconnect with our bodies, our minds and our souls. Because of their intuitive and responsive nature, they help us identify unconstructive patterns in the way we think and behave. At the same time, they help us discover new and far more effective ways of interacting with others and handling everyday challenges or obstacles. Sharing open space with horses gives us room t

    Strengthen awareness of mind/body
    Move through physical or emotional blocks
    Experiment with managing and using 'personal power'
    Practice being clear about our choices

Designed just for women, these sessions are about creating an environment in which to explore some of the patterns we find ourselves repeating. Whether the issues concern decision-making, risking vulnerability, exhibiting assertiveness without anger or resignation, the horses gently guide us through this process of self-discovery.

Research shows that interacting with animals can reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, and bring about a reduction in minor health problems. Meeting our herd not only provides such an opportunity, it also offers social interaction (with people AND horses), and a chance to experience something new for both mind and body.

It's no secret that getting out and moving about stimulates the brain and causes the secretion of endorphins, which in turn positively affects one's mood. All this means being more relaxed, more motivated, and better able to enjoy the greater powers of concentration.

Designed with seniors in mind, these sessions are purely for pleasure. The horses never ignore, judge or criticize. Rather, they merely respond, moment by moment to what they experience. The simple acts of sharing space, observing, touching, grooming and leading, help us to reclaim our personal power and simply feel good about ourselves--and the horses love it too!

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
Winston Churchill